Women's College Softball Recruits

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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Janna Joerling STL Nemesis 2021
Kaylee Cornelius Ga Legacy Johnson Pitcher2019
Morgan Lebeda Renegades 01 - Zweifel Pitcher2019
Kenzie Fitch QAB Green 2019
Carsen Faber QAB Green 2019
Trista Moore Mattoon Pride 14u Allison Outfield2022
Shea Zweifel Renegades 01 - Zweifel Catcher2019
Taylor Tolen Mattoon Pride 14u Allison Second Base2022
Madison Pfeiffer Mattoon Pride 14u Allison Third Base2022
Mara Millard Poynette Crush Catcher2020
Melissa Dietz Poynette Crush Third Base2022
Jen Herling STL Nemesis 2020
Karina Guzman Poynette Crush 2020
Alyssa Hickey Ohio Edge - Donohue 2020
Genevieve Braden Mattoon Pride 14u Allison 2022
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USFAWS 2019 F F N 4 0
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